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Thank you for visiting our site. The Local Alliance is a group of Independents who share a passion for our area and want to ensure its future by improving both economy and infrastructure. We believe in the uniqueness of our Peninsula and the passion of the people in its towns and villages about where they live. Whilst we recognise the differences between the towns and parishes and the importance of preserving their individuality, we must also strive to ensure that we can meet the needs of our communities.

Are you Party Political?
Absolutely not! We are registered with the Electoral Commission, but we are entirely non-Party Political. We are about people, not the political machinery of the main parties. We are not subject to the pressure of party politics which often don't recognise the community aspect within local government. We registered with the Electoral Commission because it gives us certain rights which are not available to individuals. We don't think of ourselves as a Party but an Alliance - joining forces to work together to share resources and ideas. We believe that together, we can make a real difference.

You are most welcome to join us. This is a real team effort and an opportunity for us all to begin to put forward our views and make suggestions. Local Alliance members share the core values of Transparency, Accountability, Engagement, Trust, Teamwork, Stewardship, Respect and Approachability.

We have adopted the Bell Principles which state that we must be free from the control of any whip. We make decisions transparently, and are guided by evidence, our experience and our conscience. We listen to and consult regularly with our communities and are entirely non-discriminatory. We work with others to improve them.

We are privileged to live in a wonderful place but we think it can be better.

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