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The Peninsula - Autumn 2019

The Peninsula is our community publication. We hope it will give local people a chance to share something about themselves, their views and aspirations for the Peninsular and help our communities develop a greater awareness of each other. We began it because we believe that it's the people on our Peninsula that make it special - and it's our communities that matter.

Our first edition of 2020 was about to go to print in early 2020 when we realised that Covid-19 could present a problem, so we decided to wait.

Development across the Peninsula is an issue and government policy works contrary to areas such as ours. People need homes but, without adequate infrastructure and services in place, our residents’ lives will be affected. There are issues with school places, medical services and in Sidlesham with its wastewater treatment plant as it is approaching capacity.

We want to promote our area's community and economic well-being, strengthening engagement and community partnerships. A flourishing local economy, with resilient infrastructure is important. Selsey has lost a major employer; we must encourage enterprise, but be mindful of its impact. We all bear the burden of Council Tax and we believe that all Councillors must ensure the best possible use of financial resources, delivering fiscal responsibility.

We believe in the promotion of the Peninsula's ecological health and favour an economic and social approach to policy making, all aspects being vital for people's wellbeing. The interpretation of government policy must be scrutinised to ensure its appropriate application.

We want to see our Peninsula use its natural attributes to contribute towards its economy; we have a wonderful coastline and heritage. We want to encourage visitors to help our traders thrive in increasingly difficult times but we must maintain our communities' spirit and remember why so many of us choose to live here. We also understand the importance of stewarding finances, which your council tax directly contributes to. We recognise the obligation we have to ensure that this money is spent wisely. You deserve to be confident that you will get value for money.

We are concerned at the lack of youth provision and seek to work in partnership with other organisations to address this. It should not just be left to the voluntary sector.